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There are many reasons why people look for a career change. They may have a strong impulse to change career or perhaps the decision has been forced upon them through a change in personal circumstances, redundancy or that feeling of ‘feeling stuck’ and looking for a new challenge.

Whatever the reason, making an informed decision is a valuable long term investment.  Generally speaking, we are not good at career planning.  We can get bewildered by the range of choices regarding possible jobs and careers and just don’t know where to start. The Career Change career coach, supports people making this decision to ensure they choose a career which would really suit them and where they will fit. 

Set Your Career Compass is delivered as a one to one coaching meeting or within a ’Set Your Career Compass’ workshop.  In preparation for either, career profiling activities are carried out. This helps the coach to understand their career motivators and interests; key factors to influence career success.

For the 1-2-1 offer, the profile provides the starting point for the coaching meeting, that usually lasts between one and two hours. Workshop attendees will have a one hour feedback with their coach built into the workshop agenda.


The discussions during the coaching session (1-2-1 or workshop) will be summarised and form the personal action plan.

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