Still at School or College?

For students aged 16-18 we provide professional career guidance to ensure all the options available are understood & the right direction for them is identified.  We also give practical support to achieve this next step. 

At the age of 16 young people at school have to make significant decisions around what they will do at the end of Year 11.  Decisions include: 

  • School 6th form?

  • College?

  • What subjects to study? 

  • Apprenticeship?

  • Traineeship?

The decision they make could potentially impact them for the rest of their lives. 

Again at 18, if they have stayed at school or college they will have another big decision to make. 

  • University? 

  • What subjects to study? 

  • Apprenticeship?

Many young people will know what they want to do and the steps required and all young people making these key decisions will have support from the school or college Career Adviser and other school staff. 

However, there will always be young people who would benefit from having additional professional support when making these decisions.  

Our team of professionally qualified and experienced Careers Advisers and Employability coaches support the young person and : 

  • Provide additional personal career guidance support them to reach the 'right' decision

  • Give them information on where the opportunities are

  • Provide support to ensure they have 'first class practical careers tools' which will give them the best chance of transitioning to the next step -  CV, interview practice, apprenticeship application form or UCAS forms.

The service is delivered either via Zoom or in person depending on location and what format works best for the young person. Details of the services can be found in the following leaflet or by emailing  You can also call us on 07901 517012 for more information. 

"Career Seekers Direct gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence to look for my first job."

Ben Moseley

Student: Aged 19

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