Career & Employability Services
for All Ages at All Stages of the Career Journey

There are many reasons why you may need our career and employability services.  


You may:

Be the parent/carer of a young person who is wondering what course of study to take or do after school, college or university or what course of study to pursue

Have been made redundant or taken voluntary redundancy and need support to find a new job

Have decided to look for another job, start a new career or set up a business and need need guidance & support

Be returning to work after maternity/paternity leave and need support to help you with the transition 

Be retiring from work and looking to start a new retirement career

Depending on your needs, our unique Career Head Start Programme will give you the career management skills and tools you need to:

Decide on a career direction and understand requirements to get there

Increase your chances of getting your next job

Ensure any new business venture is a success

Settle back into the workplace after returning from leave

Have a successful and fulfilling retirement  


Our independent and impartial services are delivered by a professional team with experience in all the situations and an understanding of the current employment market and opportunities.  

If you would like to find out more about the Career Head Start Programme 

please call 07901 517012 or email

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