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Graduates, leaving university, may feel they are facing a bewildering range of choices regarding possible jobs and careers. It is really important that at this stage, they become active rather than passive in their career search. The first full-time job they choose makes a big impact on their career. The Graduate career coach, supports graduates to make sense of the potential workplace, understand what type of work would really suit them and where they might fit. 


Set Your Career Compass is delivered as a one to one coaching meeting or within a ’Set Your Career Compass’ workshop.  In preparation for either, the client completes a career profiling activity. This helps the coach and graduate understand their motivators and interests; key factors which influence career success. For the 1-2-1 offer, the profile provides the starting point for the coaching meeting, this usually lasts between one and two hours.


Workshop attendees will have a one hour feedback with their coach built into the workshop agenda. The discussions during the coaching session (1-2-1 or workshop) will be summarised and form the graduate’s personal career action plan.

The results of these provide key career choice information, which is then shared and discussed at the 1-2-1 career coaching session.

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