The Changing Face of Careers in Retail

With the recent news of more high street shops closing, or threatened with closure, you can't help thinking what will careers in the retail industry look like in the future? People will always need to buy things- but with the introduction of technology, we all know the way people buy is changing rapidly. It therefore stands to reason that the careers and jobs will change too.

Future careers in retail & skills required

Retail, is still the largest growing industry for millennials, according to the Department for Professional Employees. So here is a summary of the changes and what skills will be required of future employees.

  • As technology replaces clerks and cashiers in stores, sales people in the stores will move more to act as Brand Advocates- similar to how the staff in Apple stores work.

  • Mobile will be the primary way consumers interact with retail products and virtual stores and mobile apps will account for 50 percent of web sales by 2015, according to Gartner Inc.

Retail businesses will require staff who are skilled in technology to support this ever expanding way of shopping. Jobs like marketing analysts, software engineers, software developers and social media teams will be in high demand.

Roles in the future world of retail will require teamwork, analytical and computer skills. These coupled with a high level of interpersonal, adaptability, initiative and communication skills will create a good fit for the roles that will be increasingly available.

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