Changing Career - One Person's Story

After leaving college at 18, I started working in marketing for a well know organisation in their head office. I continued working in various marketing and advertising for the next 10 years. 

With two young children, house etc, my family needed some additional income. I did not want to work in a pub/restaurant in the evenings, so my friend suggested home care.  I worked two evenings per week, and I loved it. I loved working with people, caring for them. It gave me a sense of fulfilment that my advertising role never gave me. I looked forward to going to work. My advertising role became the 9-5 job that just paid the bills. 

I was put up for redundancy within the advertising agency, and I decided to take voluntary redundancy. It was the best decision I have ever made. I worked full time as a carer. It was a drop in salary. But my hours were more flexible around my family. I could work at weekends, and my children did not have to spend as much time at before/after school clubs. 

I went back to college, studied for my Access to Health course to get the points I needed for university. I then went to Birmingham City University and studied for 3 years for my degree in Nursing.  I can't deny it was hard work. I juggled study with family and I had to continue working. I worked from my second year of study as a Health Care Assistant within the hospital wards.

I love my nursing job - it I provides me with a real sense of purpose and there is such a great team spirit.

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