Psychometric Tests in Career Coaching - What Value Do They Really Bring?

The word psychometric, can, for some people be enough to put them off doing these tests. This Blog looks to explain the value of the tests when it comes to career coaching.

In summary, the career you choose will impact the quality of your life - from the house you live in, to where you live and who you socialise with.

Due to the impact career decisions have on these life factors, using reliable psychometric tests will ensure clients make career decisions from a sound base.

The tests provide the starting point for career coaching conversations and support clients in developing a career action plan.

Many of our clients, from teens, students, graduates and people looking to change careers have have found seeing "who they are" and "where they fit" in the world of work, a key motivator in taking the first step on a career path.

If you would like to know more about the career tests Career Seekers Direct coaches use as part of the Programme to help our clients find the "best fit" career for them, please contact or visit for more information.

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