The Business Benefits of Being Multi-Generation Friendly

I have recently been asked by the Chartered Management Institute, London Student Peer Learning Network to do a talk on how to manage people from different generations in the workplace.

Interestingly this was requested by Generation X students who manage teams of Baby Boomers. The request for the workshop I have on this is normally requested to help manage scenarios which are the other way round - Baby Boomers managing Generation X.

Having different generations in the workplace isn't new and will increase as people work longer but there is evidence to say that those employers who actively encourage all their employees to learn about the generational differences will always be ahead of their competitors in attracting, recruiting, engaging and retaining employees. The other benefits of having a greater understanding will be around better conflict management and better team relationships.

The multi-generation workshop I run on this subject is highly informative and engaging. People who have attended it have found having the knowledge has helped them to be better managers.

If you are a business who would like to know more about how to attract, recruit, engage, manage and retain different generations in your workplace please contact Eva on 07901 517012 or email

Is Your Business Cross Generation Friendly?

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