The Career's Strategy Schools, Colleges & Academies. Achieving an Excellent Ofsted Rating

One of the 8 Gatsby measures in the Government’s Career Strategy (Dec 2017), is the requirement that every pupil will have 'personal career guidance’.

Career Seekers Direct’s research has shown us that there are two steps to meeting this. If followed they

will make the difference between an ‘ average’ OFSTED rating and an “ excellent’ rating.

Step One:

The easier part of the process. Choose a career adviser/coach who has the skills to administer the range of the fantastic career profiling tools available.

Step Two:

The step in the process that will make the difference. Choose a Career’s Advsier/Coach who has the following additional attributes to bring to the role.

Professional Business Experience – have they been there, done that? Can they relate to the situations your pupils will find themselves in when they leave your school, college or academy?

Knowledge, skills, insight – Can they transfer these to your pupils? Do they have the skills to engage your pupils and other members of staff? Are they the right people to really help your establishment move forwards. How do they keep their own knowledge up to date?

Connections – are they well connected and can they use these to help you achieve your goals?

Long-term outlook – do they consider the long-term when supporting your pupils? Making a decision is not a one off exercise - how well do they engage your pupils in developing their career management skills for the future?

Creativity – Do they bring a level of creativity, exploration and openness to the role? A rigid outlook will not help your pupils achieve their career goals.

The Career Seekers Direct professional Career Coaches are not only performance focussed but have also been selected based on the 5 criteria above. We hope in the implementation of the strategy that the above will also be key considerations in how schools, colleges and academies choose their career advisers. For more information on how we can support your educational establishment visit

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