The Future Music Industry? The Essential Skill Set You Need to Succeed

Careers in the music industry

Choosing any career path is a big decision, but traditionally deciding to choose the music industry has always an especially major step. Working in the music industry is normally more than just a 9 to 5 job - it requires a lot of commitment, often for not a lot of compensation or recognition. There is so much misinformation about there about how to get into the music industry and what to do once you're there.  However, as in any forward looking industry, the jobs in the music industry are evolving, with technology and data playing a larger part than ever in what these are. New types of jobs are being created all the time.

With the pace of change, as in any industry, the key message is to ensure you are 'skill secure not job secure'.

Here are Career Seekers Direct's insight into the skills that will be needed to work in the future music industry.

1. Digital Skills

Not surprising, being a digital expert will create many opportunities. In the music industry this skill will be required to identify and maintain data that drives royalties and unpack data from online forms. Opportunities will exist to use this skill in label companies, radio stations, festival promoters, and for the artists themselves. 

2. Entrepreneurship and Innovative Thinking Skills

Required to support an increasing move towards using data, improved streaming, and product development.

3. Business Skills (for artists)

If you are still keen to be an artist, although your focus will be on making music, having non-music skills will also be beneficial. A business aptitude, for example, can help artists negotiate with publishers, licensors and event organisers.

4. Marketing Skills (for artists)

Required as labels shrink their promotion budgets, future artists need to seek ways to help listeners discover their music. This can be in many forms such as websites, streaming channels, and new platforms.

5. Networking Skills

Like many industries, getting that first step on the career ladder requires a 'who you know', not 'what you know'. Learning networking and self- promotion skills are key right at the outset.

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