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Founder & CEO

My role is to set the strategic direction for the company, work with clients to understand what they need and make sure what we deliver is of a quality standard and makes a positive difference. Careers and learning & development are my passion. I am the CDI West Midlands Regional Representative and arrange networking opportunities for local career professionals. 


Clients would describe me as open, encouraging, experienced, responsive and creative.

Outside of work I can be found enjoying time with my family, out in the fresh air - walking our two lively Cocker Spaniels, with my friends or doing something sporty - on my bike or on a river in my canoe.


Quality Manager,

Coach & Trainer

I deliver our training and coaching sessions for students in schools and colleges. I am also Career Seekers Direct's Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

Our clients would describe me as honest, loyal, professional, caring and witty.  

Where I am not working I am coaching football, cooking or busy looking after my 3 wonderful sons.


Careers Adviser &

Skills Trainer

I am a L7 Careers Adviser and support students in the schools and colleges to successfully transition from school or college to their next destination.  I have delivered hundreds of career guidance and skills sessions.  Our clients would describe me as kind, interested, funny, loving & passionate to support. 


When I’m not thinking about Careers (which I do a lot) I like listening to all types of music especially Choral. I enjoy travelling and seeing my 2 wonderful children (28 and 22) Oh, and of course spending time with Hector the Pug!


Coach & Trainer

As a qualified coach, I support businesses and their leaders through change, helping them to see the bigger picture and plan for the future.

As a trainer, my main focus is developing and delivering leadership and management programmes to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). I also support delivery of career programmes to schools.

Clients would describe me as engaging, supportive, thought-provoking and insightful.

When I’m not working, I recharge by walking with my dog in the countryside or laughing with good friends. I also spend a lot of time working on our 100-year-old house and getting creative in the garden. But I’m never far from a good cup of coffee!

Coach & Trainer


I am a qualified teacher with many years experience and now deliver sessions which support our younger clients, particularly those who are identified as potential NEET to develop their skills.  Our clients would describe me as pragmatic, approachable, responsive, effective and articulate.

I enjoy keeping fit, gardening, cooking and following sport.


Coach & Trainer

I am a qualified coach and trainer and deliver our career and skills services to all the age groups that we work with. Our clients have described me as encouraging, intuitive, trustworthy, open and committed. 

Outside of work I can be found enjoying the fresh air – cycling or walking with my family -  and working in my garden. Volunteering with a local charity supporting the wellbeing of young people. Providing a taxi service to my teenage daughter, trying to keep fit in the gym and at Pilates classes. Meeting up with friends - for a skinny latte of course!  


Business Development Manager

My aim is to establish relationships with organisations so that their people can grow from the support, coaching and skills development delivered by the Career Seekers' team. We aim to support people with career guidance and professional skills development.


Our clients, existing and future, would say that I am personable, trustworthy and commercially attentive.


When I'm not helping grow Career Seekers' network, I am playing guitar, thinking of guitars, playing a guitar in a band, or wondering what guitar to buy next.

Despite being a Tottenham supporter, I am quite a football fan as well. I am FA Level 1 qualified and have coached my son's team but these days I am his transport and kit manager.

Family life, including two teenagers, one of each flavour, also keeps me busy (and grey).


Coach & Trainer

I am a qualified coach and work with our clients - all ages and stage, who need support with career and employability skills and direction.  Additionally, I deliver our Business Enterprise sessions giving practical support and advice to our clients who may be looking to set up their own business. 

Our clients would describe me as loyal, creative, honest, enthusiastic & challenging (in a good way!!)

When I am not working you will find me with horses, fly fishing, cooking, in the woods, & following Coventry City FC (born there) and Man United because I loved watching George Best when I was a boy!

Coach & Trainer


I am a qualified coach and support our younger clients - students and graduates, with career coaching and career development skills training. 

Our clients would describe me as encouraging. insightful, uplifting, warm and open minded
Outside of work you will find me walking, exploring somewhere new, playing on the towpath with my son, sipping a coffee in a coffee shop, staring at squirrels and robins, or rearranging the furniture at home on the boat.


Coach & Trainer

I am a qualified coach and trainer and support all our clients with a range of the services we offer.  Our clients would describe me as motivating, kind, challenging, creative and dedicated.

 When I’m not working you will find me writing and performing music with my band, walking my dog, watching sport with my eldest son, particularly the San Fransisco 49ers and Liverpool and messing around with the garden.



Coach & Trainer

We're always interested in hearing from exceptional individuals with a passion for coaching and training.


Send us an email with information on your specialist area.

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