Managing Teams in an

OnLine World

For First Time and First Line Managers 

A PRIME Coaching Programme


At Career Seekers Direct we recognise the changing demands on businesses.


As technology and communication changes so does the way we interact with each other, as individuals, as teams and as leaders and managers.


This is never more prevalent than the demands of today, and the foreseeable future, given the impacts of Covid-19 and the wholesale shift to an “OnLine World”.


Whilst many businesses could, no doubt, quote “99% of our customer service staff were operationally working from home in 2 weeks”, we understand that businesses have a challenge in supporting and coaching team leaders and managers in our new environment.


Many of these individuals are new to team leading and management and need support and development, as well as those ‘aspiring to be’.


Feedback from the sessions undertaken so far highlights that this programme is particularly rewarding, informative and practical (5 stars), to this cohort.


If you are both passionate and serious about supporting your first line managers then to find out more please drop a note to :


“A great session for both Team Leaders and those aspiring to be. 


The interaction of sharing experiences with others was invaluable in gaining insight and solutions to any challenges when managing teams who are remote working.


If you would like to find out which skills and behaviours you can adopt to help lead your team, then this is the session to attend!”


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